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Today didn't go as we hoped...

Maria xxx xxx first posted this to Facebook on February 6th 2020 Short as it may be, I thought it both touching and revealing; so much it has made it here, on Brilliant Blogshare

Well, today didn't go as we hoped but it's in the hardest of times we learn the best lessons and feel the most gratitude.
Buffy was scheduled to have her teeth cleaned and removed today but Dr. Mac had a gut feeling she needed to look at some lab work before putting her under anaesthesia.  She was right; Buffy showed signs of advanced kidney failure so anaesthesia was not an option and as a family, we decided that the kindest and most loving thing to do would be to let her go before she lost her will to live and stopped eating and drinking.
I wouldn't have dreamed of leaving my son out of this decision or not allowing him to be part of the entire process so, I immediately went and picked him up from school.  On the way to the veterinary surgeons, he told me he wanted to be the one to hold her when …
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A Legacy from the Great War

NOTE: I wrote this back in 2015, but this year, the 100th memorial year,  I think is a good time to give it another airing.

A Legacy from the Great War. (WW1)
I was watching a television trailer, regarding a forthcoming documentary, examining the life of those who lived and fought from the trenches. I was struck by the number of film clips taken on the front line.
That so many have survived for the past one hundred years is quite amazing, considering the ease of degradation of the materials used. I had not previously considered such an archive of moving images existed, considering movie making was still in its infancy at the time.
Seeing these short monochrome (mostly, although a few colour films were produced), films of men going about their daily lives on the front line, brought the characters of those captured on cellulose to life in a way I did not think possible. In conjunction with this footage was often clear and exceptional commentary.

Several factors emerged of which I was un…

What a Zen Monk taught me about Time.

I had to share this post in full. Read it and you will know why, Paul.                                                                                           First posted on Via Jim Owens
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ShunryĆ« Suzuki, was a master of many things, not the least of which were meditation and calligraphy. His teaching—sometimes simple, sometimes confusing, but always profound—has influenced me greatly. I have also admired the work of o

Remembering the Marin Sisters

First published by/on This post has found its way onto Brilliant Blog Share because... well, read it and you will soon know why. I once read,“If you have one true friend in your lifetime, you are lucky”.

With that said, I have been extraordinarily lucky! When I met John in 1976 and we became a couple, I quickly learned that being with him meant having his three older sisters in my life as well. The four siblings had had a difficult upbringing and were exceptionally close and I was thrilled when they welcomed me into their circle. Like their brother, Lora, Marcia and Cindy were kind, positive, unselfish individuals and I became closer to them than I was to my own sisters. Through the years, I would count my blessings for the loving relationship the three sisters and I shared, as they became tried and true friends. These brave, gentle souls would inspire and teach me many lessons that would enrich my life.
When the sisters discovered the Marin f…

The Dangerous Practice of Reading in Bed

A great post from Bob, highlighting how social concepts change over generations with the advent of better living standards and innovation.
“The Bed-Time Book, written by Helen Hay and illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith. Photo by Plum Leaves, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr (unedited) Do you like to read in bed? I do. Most of the time, I only read a few pages before nodding off. Usually my wife comes to bed after I do and turns out the light, and I usually wake up just enough to mark my place and put the book aside. Pretty harmless, huh? It wouldn’t have been thought so at one time. I recently came across a blog on the evils of reading in bed, by Kristen Wardowski, who posts some great stuff about books, reading and writing. She, in turn points to an  article in The Atlantic by Nika Mavrody. The gist of both posts is that there were two dangers, one very real and one feared. The very real danger had to do with how people were able to read in bed. They did so by candlelight. Readers falling asleep c…
Of Cookies, People And IndividualityFirst posted by WORDYNERDBIRD,MAY 27, 2017 As with allposts on Brilliant Blogshare they have to earn their place. This, simple but wonderful, post does just that. People aren’t all the same shape and size
As though there’s only one cookie cutter,
Nor are they placed neatly onto a tray
To bake until they’re all exactly right.
Have these people never noticed how
Two cookies that appear identical
Are rarely ever actually so?
Sometimes, even a perfect cookie breaks
Under unexpected pressure, or when
Rudely bumped into by another.
Very often, the best looking cookies
Prove to have very little merit
When it comes to both substance and taste. Then why, pray tell, should my life or my love,
My self-image or physical shape and size,
Be required to fit into someone else’s
Decision of who and what I should be?
Whose crumby, half-baked idea was that?
I generally use this blog to share posts I come across during my regular use of the web. I do not surf the digital world looking for anything in particular, or anything un-particular.
If something catches my eye as I scroll, or page hop, I may, if I have time, stop and look. Mostly I find trash, repetitive rubbish, simple mind numbing lists or links to site full of virus and bullsh*t.
But, occasionally, very occasionally, I find content that is outstanding. Often these are well written, but even if the grammar leaves much to be desired, those posts will find their way here, onto Brilliant Blog Share, because they are written from the heart. They are a spilling of emotion, of love, of hope, of grieving., or they are full of spirit and hope and dreams.
This is what Brilliant Blog Share is all about, sharing the best of what we, the people, have in our souls, touching one another with understanding and compassion.
Lord knows that in this day and age, with the way current affairs are being pl…